Delynn Photography | About

I consider some of my most prized assets to be the boxes full of photographs (some on tin) of my ancestors dating back to the mid-1800s. The saying is true, “If you don’t think photos are important, wait until they are all you have left.” This is especially true in Houston where during hurricane evacuations, the box of family photos is among the first things to be packed.

My interest in photography began with my communications degree from Texas Tech University. After taking some more photography classes at Rice University, I continue to turn my love of photography into a successful business (Delynn Photography).

My job as a photographer is to create a portrait experience for people. Designing custom portrait sessions unique to the individual is one of my favorite parts of my profession. I have the privilege of creating snapshots into the lives of individuals that will last a lifetime. I spend a lot of time looking at creative resources and locations to make sure my clients receive exceptional results.

I believe in the influence and power of a photo and the inspiration it can give not only to the viewer but especially to the individual through the portrait experience. I’m not JUST about beautiful portraiture. My philosophy is the portrait experience should be just as grand and meaningful as the final portrait particularly for young people.

My biggest encouragers in my life my husband of 28 years and my three daughters who are currently in college. I cherish my relationship with God because without him, all of this would not be possible!